Thoughts from John, Founder of Beer Law Center:

I was a homebrewer way before I was a lawyer. Professionally, I was an engineer. Passionately, I was/am a brewer. I've been there; shoveled out spent grain, babysat fermenters, and washed kegs. When I changed careers, I decided not to open a brewery, but instead help others follow their craft beer ambitions.

Just like a beer, each craft brewery or beer business has attributes that make it special and unique. Don’t rely on generic legal advice. The alcohol regulation, licensing, and manufacturing/selling processes are complex and create many potential pitfalls. Your attorney better know that your lease should include provisions for spent grain storage (a potential odor issue) or how your business structure may affect your federal application. Because of our tailored focus, we are able to work with clients effectively both locally and nationally on these and many other legal issues.

Beer Law Center is focused on the craft beverage industry, not the rest of the world. We're not here to handle your personal injury claim. We're not here to handle your divorce. We're here for the beer. 

At Beer Law Center, we create long-term relationships with our clients. We feel that an attorney should be a business partner, not just a business expense. Let us help you grow your business and achieve your craft beer ambitions.


John Szymankiewicz, Founder of Beer Law Center

Mollie Schwam, Civil Litigation Paralegal 





Company Fact Sheet
HEADQUARTERS 16 West Martin Street, Suite 510
Raleigh NC 27601
INDUSTRIES SERVED:  Craft Beer and the Craft Beverage Industry, including Wine and Spirits
Additional Products Offered:
  • Trademark and intellectual property
  • Corporate formation and structure
  • Distribution agreements
  • Debtor and creditor services
  • Licensing/ABC permits
  • Formation of personal and business related contracts
  • Leasing/construction of breweries and/or businesses
  • Dispute resolution and mediation


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Quotes from our Customers:

"John and Beer Law Center help us protect our business. Whenever we need help with a trademark, or whatever, John is there for us." 

Justin Crossley
The Brewing Network

"From Day One, John has been crucial element in Four Saints Brewing Company's business plan. His knowledge and wisdom regarding NC ABC law has helped guide our decisions. Not only does he know about beer law, he knows beer. That matters. He and the Beer Law Center are the people you need in your legal corner."

Joel McClosky
Four Saints Brewing Company, LLC



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